So, as those of you who've followed the Fly Gabe Newell fund news will know, my Left 4 Dead campaign isn't finished. Not close to it, in fact. Currently, though, I think the first two maps are more than well-developed enough to have fun with.

Good, constant feedback is pretty essential for these things. I haven't been getting enough of it. So I've decided to release my unfinished campaign, listen to everyone's feedback, and update it as often as possible.

Please help out by downloading the campaign, playing it with your friends and sending all feedback, positive or negative, in the comments on each news post. I will try to update it as frequently as possible.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Re-continued (or not)

I've decided to start working on my Left 4 Dead campaign again. I suppose I realised I wasn't happy with having it so incomplete. I don't mind the length, but ending the second map with "to be continued" or some such is something I'm not really happy with.
I won't be completing the full four or five maps I'd originally planned, partly because that's a lot of work that I don't necessarily have time for, but partly because I've enjoyed the short campaigns Crash Course and The Passing more, lately, than the full-length campaigns, particularly in L4D2. When I released the campaign for testing I probably hadn't thought twice about making it the usual length, since that was the week that Crash Course came out, being the first campaign that wasn't four or five maps long, but it definitely made it a lot more accessible for a quick game.
The currently released two-map version of my campaign, though, wasn't really played that way a lot, and I think a lot of that has to do with the anticlimax of it not really finishing. The finale and even the "credits" are pretty essential to players' enjoyment, in a way that I think is probably pretty unique amoung multiplayer games.

So, the plan is to make the campaign three maps long - the first map being mostly as it is now, the second being almost as long as it is now and the third having the survivors circle around the art gallery building, getting in, making their way to the roof and evacuating in a mystery escape vehicle (go on, you'll never guess*). I'll most likely release both L4D1 and L4D2 flavours. Unfortunately, I've currently got a problem with Hammer whereby it, and only it, cause BSODs every half hour or so. Hopefully a fix eventuates.

*you'll totally guess

Edit: I might never finish this campaign due to multiple SDK updates breaking everything in a bunch o' different ways. Oh well.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Regrettably Discontinued

Hey folks,

Much as I'd have liked to continue making this campaign, I'm having to discontinue it, largely due to time constraints, stress, Real Life and other projects which are more important to me. I hope to return to it at some point in the future, perhaps as a Left 4 Dead 2 campaign.

I think it's pretty awesome how many of you contributed quality feedback, and would like you to know, if you don't already, that that was awesome. Being able to see how other people play the campaign instantly made creating it more fun, and in turn made it more fun to play with the next version I put out. So as spectacularly as I've failed, for various reasons, to deliver on the whole "release frequently" plan, it's still an awesome way to work, and everybody should do it.

Also, thanks to everyone who said that it was the best custom campaign they'd ever played, even at only two maps. That was a very surprising number of people, and I appreciate it. I have gained confidence from this endeavour.

Thanks for the help, and I shall see ya'll around.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

First update

Thanks for all the feedback, you dudes. Keep that up.

This update is mostly bug fixes, but also some other stuff that isn't bug fixes. I'm tired, hopefully that doesn't mean I messed anything up. You guys just let me know. It's also still just two maps, but I'm workin' on that third one. As always, feel free to throw


-Changed download link URL in VPK to the correct site

Map 1

-Optimised things slightly
-Fixed some stairs not being climbed smoothly
-Fixed an infected ladder being climbable by survivors
-Fixed scaffolding near map start being climbable by survivors
-Fixed vent covers not breaking under Infected
-Closed off an irrelevant section of street, relic of a previous design
-Fixed a texture issue in a storage room that you probably didn't even notice
-Fixed some safe room graffiti only partially appearing
-Fixed plastic sheeting in town hall being invisible from far side yet still blocking infected players, making for confusion
-Made pistol spawns random rather than reliably appearing at both spawns
-Added a rescue closet
-Added/moved some item spawns
-Added some player clips to prevent survivors getting stuck in areas that should be unreachable
-Redesigned the entrance to the underground area. This is probably the biggest change you'll notice. Leave comments and let me know what you think of it.

Map 2

-Optimised things somewhat
-Exit from offices is hopefully more evident now
-Replaced boards over gap at office exit with hopefully more plausible alternative
-Removed largely useless window on rooftop that had been intended to help infected out in versus
-Changed up the lighting in places
-Fixed three ways for survivors to skip the entire apartment building
-Fixed a spot where players could get stuck on a burning barrel
-Added an additional window for infected to spawn from
-Set interior smoke to only turn on when panic event is triggered, and to disable when all survivors have left the building
-Added some possible item spawns
-Removed a bus from street outside finishing safe room
-Hopefully fixed some nav issues
-Added an ornamental statue outside the office building, which is a placeholder for an even more impressive one
-Moved one of the hole-in-the-walls in the apartment building to make the correct escape route more evident
-Removed some bits of fire hangin' in the sky
-Fixed an issue where tier 2 weapons would never appear in the conference room, and the second team to play the map in versus mode would sometimes miss out on tier 2 weapons
-Put glass in car windows
-Added some graffiti

Download links

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Experiment Begins

Here's the first release. It's what Gabe saw.

It supports both campaign and versus modes. It's two maps long.
It is compressed, to make it a smaller download, with 7-zip File Manager. You can use either that program, or Winrar, to extract it. Inside the archive is a .vpk file. To install the campaign, double-click on this file. If that does not work, simply copy it to your steam/steamapps/username/common/left 4 dead/left4dead/addons directory.

Download links:
The following are now out of date, see more recent posts
Torrent (thanks to JonXP)
Download (thanks to tundra_cool)
Download (thanks Aj Collins)
Download (thanks Slade Skox)
Download from L4Dmaps

 Anyone who's able to set up a mirror, that's much appreciated.

Please post feedback for this release as comments on this post.

By the way - those of you who have playtested my campaign previously will need to delete the older version, wip.vpk.